Pay walls…we don’t need no stinkin’ pay walls!

I’m working with my client The Arts Fuse on a reader fundraiser…details from the campaign below:

Pay walls…we don’t need no stinkin’ pay walls! We know The Arts Fuse readers love what we do…and now it’s time to show your love—and make that year-end, tax-deductible donation for your 2013 tax return!

Remember in Spring 2013 when The Arts Fuse wanted to run a taxi-top advertising campaign? You, our generous readers, stepped up, we raised more than $4,000, and launched a campaign to help more Bostonians discover The Arts Fuse. A photo from one of the more than 35 taxis that drove around Boston for May/June is above. How cool is that?

For the past six years, Bill Marx and The Arts Fuse’s team of more than 60 expert writers and critics has brought incredible arts journalism to Greater Boston and the world as arts coverage from mainstream media outlets has dramatically declined.

The Arts Fuse is dedicated to creating an online space for thoughtful criticism and commentary as well as to spark conversation and greater participation in the arts and entertainment in Boston. We now have more than 60 expert writers and critics contributing, including:

• Harvey Blume
• Jonathan Blumhofer
• Daniel Bosch
• Richard Bunbury
• J. R. Carroll
• Debra Cash
• Maryann Corbett
• Vincent Czyz
• David D’Arcy
• Nora Delaney
• Maureen Dezell
• Franklin Einspruch
• Adam Ellsworth
• Steve Elman
• Helen Epstein
• Iris Fanger
• Jon Gorelick
• Joann Green Breuer
• Justin Grosslight
• Alyssa Hall
• Kevin Hong
• Tim Jackson
• Marcia Karp
• Jim Kates
• Tess Lewis
• Blake Maddux
• Bill Marx
• Grace Dane Mazur
• Charles McEnerney
• David Mehegan
• Susan Miron
• Steve Mossberg
• Christopher M. Ohge
• Melanie O’Neill
• Gerald Peary
• Troy Pozirekides
• Glenn Rifkin
• Evelyn Rosenthal
• Jason Rubin
• Gary Schwartz
• George Scialabba
• Roberta Silman
• Sally Levitt Steinberg
• Ian Thal
• Brigitte Tournier
• Anthony Wallace
• Austen R. Walsh

Why do they all write for The Arts Fuse? Watch our short video to see some of our writers and some of the reasons they feel The Arts Fuse is important! receives more than 25,000 visits per month…and it’s growing each month. now has more than 2,000 articles, more than 1,300 followers on Twitter, and more than 5,300 fans on Facebook! We also now our first year-long underwriting with The Celebrity Series of Boston! We are honored to have them.

Unlike traditional media, The Arts Fuse doesn’t have printing presses, delivery trucks, TV or radio studios or satellite dishes, a central office, or all the costs that go with them. Our revenue comes from reader donations, underwriting/advertising, grants, and major gifts and all our income can go directly to paying our writers and growing our readership. Unlike traditional media, The Arts Fuse is very lean and efficient with even more perspectives and points of view than any traditional media outlet can offer.

Your donation will go directly to help us continue paying our writers for all their brilliant work! You will know you responsible for helping Boston’s arts journalism offerings evolve into the 21st century.

Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive an email immediately after donating with a receipt for your tax records.

What’s quality arts journalism worth to you? $1 or $2 a month? Donate $12 or $24! Do you read The Arts Fuse every week and think its worth $1 or $2 a week? Donate $52 or $104! Find yourself reading The Arts Fuse every day? Donate $31 (never mind that pesky February) or $365!

Bill Marx is also turning 60 this December. Want to help support Bill’s dream of more arts coverage for Greater Boston? Donate $60 and say Happy Birthday with good old fashioned cash!

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