Teaching “Marketing and The Internet” at Emerson College this spring

Last winter and spring I taught “Marketing and The Internet” at Emerson College for the first time and it was great fun.

I’ve taught seminars and workshops about marketing and social media over the last few years, for The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, when I worked at ArtsBoston to arts organizations in Greater Boston, at Boston University, for Future of Music Coalition, at Stone Hill College, and for various Chamber of Commerce associations, so I was excited to have the chance to teach a full semester at Emerson College as part of their Professional Studies & Special Programs.

The 10-week long course focuses on digital marketing…
* building your marketing strategy
* affiliate marketing
* search engine optimization (SEO)
* pay per click advertising
* Twitter
* Facebook
* social media marketing
* viral marketing
* online reputation management
* web public relations
* web development and design
* online copywriting
* web analytics
* mobile marketing
* customer relationship management
* market research
* online surveys

We talk a lot about strategy throughout the semester and, at the end of the course, each student presents their marketing plan for their project, either based on an actual product or service or perhaps based on a product or service you’d like to use as an example.

I really wanted the final result of the course to be a marketing plan that you can use to implement over the coming months and see the tangible results and benefits. The course is very practical in its approach.

Last spring, the students were a mix of people working at small businesses (and strategizing about how to stretch their marketing dollars and their own time) and students working at larger corporations (where some digital marketing practices can be slow to gain traction, as they often do at big organizations!) get them solid results. These included brands like Holly Caldwell, Pearson Higher Ed, Susan Piver, and Theta Nu Xi, so the projects and services the students were working on really ran the gamut.

Using some excellent teaching materials from Quirk, including a free textbook and additional web readings and video that I selected, I found the class really demystified much of digital marketing and helped the students to make smarter decisions about where to put their time and efforts in order to show solid results.

The class costs $650.00 and, since all the readings are online, there is no textbook to purchase. Classes are held on Emerson’s campus, across from Boston Common.

You can register on Emerson College’s site, let me know if you have any questions at charlie(at)layers marketing.com or leave a comment below and I’ll answer.


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